Tiglao says Poe is worst Presidential candidate"

This article by Tiglao is very interesting because of his definitive declaration of Poe as the worst presidential candidate we've ever had in the Philippines . Except the part when he starts talking about a "Yellow Cult" and how p-Noy planned to have Poe win so he could evade prosecution? Too far fetched if you aske me. Anyway, it wouldn't be too difficult to disagree with Tiglao when he says that Poe's chances of presidency is only and only because of her last name, being the princess of the Filipino Panday FPJ, and nothing else.

It would be a grave mistake if we elect an inexperienced unproven president, especially a young one like Poe who has impressed upon me a Traoe-esque aura I remember saying three years ago that I felt and saw Trapo all over her whenever I see her talk on TV.

Not only that, I would not vote for a presidential candidate who's been trying to speak like her vice-presidential candidate all campaign period long. Hilarious. I guess anyone who has a decent academic background of sort, can easily go google and pay researches to prepare one for a presidentible debate, despite being foreign to all these issues and topics discussed. And how confidently I'd want to tell people I'd want to have "free lunches" for all grade schools across a 100 million populace? Fernando Poe's movie screen come from behind behind action fairy tale couldn't even have been more realistic compared to that. ANd we dont want to go into the decision of SC to let her run despite her dubious status as a natural born Filipino citizen,ad how she turned her back from being a Filipino and now being able to run to lead the same race she has once denied herself to be.